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UNDP sought to create a bold, immersive exhibition to showcase how emerging technologies like AI and data visualization can drive sustainable development.


The goal was to capture attention and spark dialogue at a major global environmental event. Translating this vision into a compelling physical experience required a partner with expertise in experiential design.

UNDP enlisted Overview Collective to develop the "The Future Is..." exhibition from concept to execution.  We designed the entire exhibition environment, creating innovative ways to materialize UNDP's innovation-centric messaging. 

  • Highlights included:

    • An AI Insights Hub demonstrating how machine learning can synthesize patterns from UNDP's vast project data.

    • An interactive multi-level map showcasing UNDP's GEF portfolio initiatives worldwide.

    • Thematic video content zones spotlighting key programs.

    • Real-time AI translation and interpretation services for exhibitions and seminars.

    • Curated & edited a 360/VR video experiences featuring UNDP's conservation projects across 14 countries, showcased in a separate organization's dome setup. This video won the People's Choice Award.


UNDP's "The Future Is..." exhibition exceeded expectations, securing high visitor engagement and media buzz throughout the conference week. Key outcomes included:

  • Visitor Engagement: The exhibition drew significant attention, effectively communicating UNDP's innovative approaches through interactive and immersive elements.

  • Positive Feedback: UNDP's deputy program manager praised the exhibition, noting that it "really drew people in and sparked discussion around innovation." 

  • Award-Winning Media: The 360 video on Snow Leopard conservation in the Himalayas, curated by Overview Collective, won the People's Choice Award.

 The "The Future Is..." exhibition successfully positioned UNDP as a leader in harnessing emerging technologies for sustainable development. Overview Collective's comprehensive approach, from design to execution, showcased our ability to transform visionary concepts into tangible, multi-sensory experiences.

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