In the 1600s, there were 220,000 acres of oyster reefs in a thriving NY Harbor; but by the 1900s, it was mostly lifeless due to pollution, dredging and overharvesting.


Explore how Billion Oyster Project staff, Research Associate Technicians, and volunteers incubate, harvest and regenerate this delicate keystone species with the goal of reintroducing one billion oysters into NY Harbor by 2030.


The experience informs viewers how they can contribute to a healthy NY Harbor, by incorporating daily behavior change, and ways to get involved with the Billion Oyster Project itself.

Pearls of New York was pre-screened at the HarborUp! Gala on 17 September, and officially launched in New York City during Climate Week – screening at the Our Future Festival on Governor’s Island, the United Nations General Assembly, the Green Jobs Summit in Bushwick, Google’s Climate week, and COP25.