On December 24, 1968, astronaut Bill Anders snapped “Earthrise,” the first photograph of Earth from space. This elicited the visceral realization that we truly share this beautiful, fragile, planet.

Since then, astronauts have continued to gaze upon Earth, becoming deeply affected and protective of our shared home in a phenomenon called the Overview Effect.


There is a heightened sense of awareness and urgency about the climate crisis, but often individuals lack the proper tools to comprehend their role in an increasingly globalized world. Despite international protocols including the Sustainable Development Agenda and the Paris Agreement, the amount of extraction and pollution the world continues to engage in is increasing, leading to the loss of biodiversity and climate change.


Young people around the world are demanding action on climate change. We can no longer afford to do business as usual.


The Overview Collective is an educational and vocational training platform that leverages immersive multimedia and offline community building to spur awareness and action in sustainable development. 

Our mission is to bring global, big picture concepts down to Earth by providing fun and engaging ways to learn about sustainability and the green economy. Our work combines immersive and interactive content and experience production,  multi-stakeholder partnership building and strategic distribution to highlight and connect the extraordinary efforts of individuals and organizations who are generating climate friendly, sustainable solutions. Innovative storytelling in combination with cutting edge experiential marketing and public engagement techniques spark awareness and action, inspiring new approaches to education, vocational training, and workforce development and recruitment.


Our work centers around three pillars: the GreenGen XR transmedia project; StoriesXFuture; and experimental exhibits, experiences and immersive content production. These three pillars are all meant to serve as project frameworks and platforms, which will be tailored and packaged for local activations at the city or state level. As we grow, they will become an interconnected network.

Kristin Gutekunst


Chief Executive Officer

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Tarik Mohamed


Chief Creative Officer

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