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 Overview Collective joined the 2020 launch of the Mid-Atlantic Robotics IN Education program (MARINE), hosted at the Bermuda Institute of Science (BIOS) with support from Renaissance ReInsurance Bermuda.


The summit convened 72 young people, their chaperones and teachers, and multiple marine professionals to give an introduction to the upcoming robotics challenge they would be competing in, as well as a taste of other new technologies.

Kaitlin Noyes, Director of Education and Community Engagement explained the reason for including us in their programming: "Virtual reality has so many applications for bringing the learner into the story of our ocean. We were privileged to have the Overview Collective share their technology and their knowledge of how tech can be used to engage the public with the SDGs”.


Prior to the workshop, we were able to present our VR film to the Honorable Diallo V. Rabain, Minister of Education #Bermuda, Renaissance ReInsurance Bermuda, & the BIOS team.


We had a preliminary conversation about the importance of encouraging students to share their opinions on SDG implementation, and to spur their interest and involvement in ocean conservation. The results of the survey will be shared with the Ministry and with partners.

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