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The Bermuda Institute of Ocean Science (BIOS) aimed to educate Bermudian middle school students on the impacts of climate change in an engaging and memorable way. They needed more than lectures; they sought an interactive experience that would inspire curiosity and environmental stewardship.


Partnering with BIOS, we designed

"The Climate Classroom" – a gamified, multi-sensory learning adventure. This innovative program transformed BIOS’s campus into an interactive educational journey for over 200 students.

Highlights of the Experience:

  • Escape Room-Style Challenges: Students solved puzzles related to ocean temperature, hurricane intensity, and coastal vulnerability using math and science principles.

  • VR Simulations: Extended reality (XR) technologies allowed students to train as virtual marine biologists, monitoring ocean health and tagging manta rays.

  • 3D Modeling: Utilizing photogrammetry, students scanned coral specimens to create augmented reality models, bridging the gap between natural and digital worlds.


The Climate Classroom not only educated but deeply engaged students. One student shared, "I don't want to leave BIOS now; we learned so much today." Teachers noted the seamless integration of gaming mindsets into environmental education, sparking entrepreneurial and scientific interests.

For BIOS, this project marked a new frontier in immersive education, fostering long-term climate literacy and stewardship. For Overview Collective, it demonstrated our capability to turn complex concepts into impactful experiences.

The Climate Classroom is an evolving platform, designed to adapt and expand with new missions and technologies, continually nurturing climate literacy and stewardship.

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