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The UNDP's Small Grants Programme (SGP) needed a compelling booth to celebrate its 30th anniversary at a major global environmental event. The goal was to create an elegant, visually appealing space that highlighted the programme's history and impact while facilitating networking and meetings with beneficiaries.

UNOPS enlisted Overview Collective to design and execute the booth, ensuring it effectively communicated the SGP's achievements and provided a functional area for interaction. Our responsibilities included:

  • Exhibition Design: We created an elegant booth design that showcased the 30th anniversary with a timeline, large photos, and a visually appealing layout.

  • Visual Storytelling: The booth featured a timeline highlighting key milestones of the SGP, accompanied by large, impactful photographs that visually narrated the programme's journey and successes.

  • Digital Integration: Television displays were incorporated to showcase and highlight campaigns from the SGP and GEF partnership, adding a dynamic element to the booth.

  • Functional Layout: We designed the booth to ensure optimal flow and space for networking and meetings, facilitating meaningful interactions with beneficiaries and other stakeholders.

Overview Collective's design for the SGP's 30th anniversary booth successfully highlighted the programme's significant milestones and achievements. The elegant and functional space not only attracted attention but also facilitated meaningful interactions, underscoring the SGP's ongoing impact and commitment to sustainable development.

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