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Career Exploration for a Greener Future

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GREEN GEN XR  inspires and prepares the next generation of the economic workforce to adopt sustainable lifestyles and seek green careers.


Through virtual reality, complementary curriculum, media and events, we highlight climate friendly, sustainable and scalable solutions.


Viewers are able to virtually shadow and experience "a day in the life" of green professionals, seeing representation of the careers of the future.


In our advanced courses, XR tools enhance efficiency for professionals in green career tracks through certified training, mentorship, internships and job placements.




"Pearls of New York"

New York Harbor was once a thriving ecosystem, but centuries of human activity and pollution has depleted its life. Join Billion Oyster Project staff, Research Associate Technicians and volunteers as they bring back oysters and conserve New York City's waters.

Indoor Air Quality

In a post-COVID world, we need air filtration to return to normal indoor activities. But Heating and Cooling systems can also support environmental justice for people of color, who are adversely affected by air pollution and the coronavirus.

Image by Guilherme  Cunha
Solar Panel Tech

Explore the nuances of residential, community and commercial solar projects, and the relative energy storage needed.

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