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Overview Collective were artists-in-residence at the “House of Solutions” on Governors Island from June to October 2019, producing immersive exhibits and events as a way to connect visitors with diverse art, policy, and science leaders.

The House of Solutions is a collaboration between the Human Impacts Institute and the Climate Reality Project NYC Metro Region Chapter. Governors Island attracts over 800,000 visitors annually.

Throughout the residency, we incubated a prototype of the GreenGen XR platform, hosted various events and pop up XR exhibits, co-created the climate escape room, and created a new networking space for XR creators and the public – focused on finding solutions for climate change in NYC


Escape Room

”Sunken City” is a climate themed escape room that was created by Clue Chase in partnership with Overview Collective, and hosted at the House of Solutions weekends in September on Governor’s Island.


It challenged visitors to work as a team to unravel clues and puzzles based on sustainable initiatives currently being implemented across New York City as part of the OneNYC 2050 / Green NYC initiatives and cover sustainability options like solar, water, soil and recycling.


Set in a dystopian future NYC affected by climate change, teams solved puzzles about possible climate solutions to prevent future calamity. This fun and impactful way of engaging people through a hands-on approach defined the importance of working together as a community to combat climate change.


2019 SDG Action Zone

The United Nations General Assembly SDG Action Zone was a space inside the United Nations grounds during the 74th Session of the General Assembly from 23-27 September. Hosted by the SDG Strategy Hub and SDG Action Campaign in partnership with Google, it hosted events, lightening talks, a rotating exhibit and an immersive content section to showcase and accelerate transformative SDG action in innovative ways.


Overview Collective curated a playlist of videos that included:

  • "Pearls of New York" (Overview Collective & Billion Oyster Project, September 2019)

  • "X-Ray Fashion 360" (MANND, Vulcan Productions & World Bank’s #Connect4Climate, September 2019)

  • "Guardians of the Forest" (Co.Reality & UNVR, March 2018).


These videos were chosen to transport viewers and aid them in witnessing the first-hand effects of climate change while exploring the stories behind sustainable solutions being implemented around the world.


Our Future Festival NYC

Organized on 21 September on Governors Island as part of Climate Week NYC 2019 and the UN Climate Action Summit 2019, this groundbreaking event highlighted local action and opportunities for New Yorkers of all ages to take action on climate change, and to show the world how we can all be part of the movement for a more resilient and sustainable future.


Visitors learned how they can help build climate resiliency and be inspired to share this knowledge with others in their local communities. Overview Collective hosted several activities, including a VR exhibit, the climate escape room, and a showcase of the top three XR prototypes from the Stories of the Future NYC Creathon.

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