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Overview Collective directed a mixed reality film in collaboration with Noor Energy 1 to capture the Mohamed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park in Abu Dhabi, UAE.


The solar park is the largest single-site concentrated solar park in the world, generating 950 million watts and providing power to 320,000 residents. It includes investments of 15.78 billion AED and will reduce 1.6 million tonnes of carbon per year.

Viewable in a multi-sensory pod, the film was launched during the inauguration of the Noor Energy 1 Visitors' Centre and features a tour of the park with drone capture, seamlessly integrated with CGI to explain how the energy capture works.


Virtual Reality has the ability to not only immerse people in different locations or scenarios, but to make knowledge and facts easily accessible.


Furthermore, as the global pandemic disrupted many things in our society, including the ability to travel, VR has proved a valuable tool to investors, allowing them to virtually visit locations for Foreign Direct Investment opportunities.

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