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Bringing the Future Into Focus: UNDP's 'The Future Is...' Exhibit

At Overview Collective, we thrive on turning ambitious concepts into engaging, immersive experiences. Our recent collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) on their 'The Future Is...' exhibit at the 7th GEF Assembly is a testament to this commitment. This exhibit was designed to showcase how cutting-edge technologies can revolutionize sustainable development initiatives, and we were honored to play a key role in its production.

The 'The Future Is...' exhibit was created to captivate and engage delegates and visitors, highlighting UNDP's innovative approaches to sustainable development. Our task was to bring this vision to life through a cohesive and immersive environment. A centerpiece of the exhibit was the AI Insights Hub, demonstrating the power of machine learning to synthesize and communicate insights from vast project datasets. This hub exemplified how AI can enhance understanding and decision-making in sustainable development.

One of the most engaging features of the exhibit was a multi-level interactive map, showcasing UNDP's extensive work under the GEF portfolio. Visitors could explore various projects interactively, gaining a comprehensive view of UNDP's global impact. High-impact videos complemented this experience, bringing the stories of these projects to life in a compelling way.

Additionally, we curated an award-winning 360° video experience for the exhibit, featuring breathtaking footage from conservation projects across 14 countries. Displayed in the VR Dome, this immersive video was a collaborative effort involving contributions from several GEF Agencies, including FAO, IFAD, and UNEP. The video captivated audiences and won the People's Choice Award, highlighting the effectiveness of immersive media in storytelling.

To ensure accessibility and engagement for a global audience, we facilitated real-time AI translation services for UNDP's side events. We sourced and managed an app that provided seamless translation, enabling participants from diverse linguistic backgrounds to fully engage with the content and discussions.

The 'The Future Is...' exhibit surpassed expectations, drawing significant attention and generating high levels of engagement.

This exhibit demonstrated the powerful combination of strategic design, advanced technology, and compelling storytelling. It solidified UNDP's reputation as a leader in leveraging technology for sustainable development and provided a blueprint for future exhibits and initiatives.

Our collaboration with UNDP on 'The Future Is...' exhibit showcases the transformative potential of immersive experiences. By integrating elements such as AI, interactive mapping, and immersive media, we created an engaging and informative platform that resonated with a global audience. This project not only highlighted UNDP's innovative spirit but also reinforced our commitment at Overview Collective to create impactful experiences that drive understanding and inspire action in sustainable development.

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