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Gamifying Education to Tackle Climate Change

At Overview Collective, we're passionate about using immersive storytelling and interactive experiences to educate and inspire. Our recent project with the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences (BIOS), called The Climate Classroom, is a perfect example of this. With the generous support of HSBC, we created a unique, gamified learning experience that engaged over 200 Bermudian students. This program blended education with cutting-edge technology to address the critical issue of climate change in a fun and impactful way.

Making Learning an Adventure

We know that gamification can transform education by making it more engaging and memorable. In The Climate Classroom, we turned the BIOS campus into an interactive learning adventure. Students worked together to solve puzzles and decode clues about ocean temperature, hurricane intensity, and coral bleaching. This escape room-style quest allowed them to apply their math and science skills in a hands-on environment, turning complex climate concepts into an exciting challenge.

Combining Education and Technology

A standout feature of The Climate Classroom was our use of advanced technologies like virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). Students got to train as marine biologists through VR simulations, tagging manta rays and monitoring coral reefs. Thanks to The Hydrous’ "Explore VR" platform, marine biology came to life in a way that traditional textbooks can't match.

We also introduced students to photogrammetry, where they scanned coral specimens and converted them into 3D AR objects. They then imported these models into platforms like Roblox Studio and Emblematic Group's Reach, creating their own virtual worlds. This hands-on approach not only made learning fun but also showed them the real-world applications of these emerging technologies.

Inspiring the Next Generation

The feedback we received from students and teachers was incredible. Kenzo Riley, a student from Dellwood Middle School, shared how the experience deepened his understanding of coral bleaching, saying, "We learned today about bleaching coral and now when we are out swimming, we understand what may be happening if the ocean gets hotter."

Teachers like Akinyi Apopa from Sandys Secondary Middle School noticed the unique engagement the program sparked, mentioning, "The Climate Classroom workshops sparked their curiosity in a unique and really engaging way that has opened their eyes to entrepreneurship, as well as careers in technology, marine, and environmental sciences."

A Team Effort

The success of The Climate Classroom was a true team effort. We worked closely with BIOS and community partners like Planet Math to create a rich, multifaceted learning experience. Together, we brought in experts from various fields to show students not only the importance of climate science but also the exciting career opportunities in marine biology, environmental engineering, and media technology.

Looking Ahead

Programs like The Climate Classroom highlight the importance of innovative, hands-on learning opportunities. As Kaitlin Noyes from BIOS put it, "We are very proud of what this collaborative team was able to accomplish in this workshop to find new and exciting ways to bring awareness of climate change and highlight the invaluable research that BIOS undertakes to better understand our planet."

At Overview Collective, we're committed to creating educational experiences that go beyond traditional learning. We believe that by making education interactive and fun, we can inspire the next generation to take action on important issues like climate change. We look forward to continuing our work with BIOS and other partners to develop programs that equip students with the knowledge and skills they need to make a positive impact on the world.

Join us on this journey where innovation meets education, and let's empower the next generation to lead us towards a sustainable future.

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