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Launch of educational YouTube series, "Ocean Innovation" in honor of UN World Oceans Day

StoriesXFuture is a community of experts that collectively explore how emerging media, art & tech can help decode science and accelerate action for sustainability, coordinated by Overview Collective & Garage Stories - XR content Lab.

We are excited to announce our first educational YouTube series, "Ocean Innovation" to celebrate our love for the ocean and those working to protect it. See how art, science, innovation, and emerging media such as #AR & #VR intersect. The series is coordinated in partnership with Peace Boat US & Friends of UN World Oceans Day, and will screen during UN World Oceans Week, 1-14 June.

The series can be viewed on YouTube at this link, and include the following episodes:

  • Ocean Climate Solutions - featuring Dr. Elizabeth Bagley, Director of Drawdown Learn, Project Drawdown

  • Sketches from the Deep: Drawing Sea Creatures with Dr. William Beebe - featuring Actor Matthew Curiano

  • Tiny Plankton & Ocean Innovation - featuring Dr. Amy Maas, Associate Scientist at the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences and the NASA Exports project team

  • NASA EXPORTS - featuring Dr. Jason Graff, Assistant Professor Senior Research at the Oregon State University Department of Botany & Plant Pathology

  • Yoga for the Ocean - featuring Yogi Beans

  • Inspiring Action for the Ocean - featuring Dr. Diva Amon, SpeSeas & Nathalia Lawen, Ocean and Climate Youth Ambassador, Peace Boat US,

  • Crowdsourcing the Litter Cleanup - featuring Jeff Kirschner, CEO of Litterati

  • Life in Plastic, Not Fantastic - featuring Shannon Kenny, Founder of Mama Eco

  • Upcycling Carnival featuring Mareeka Dookie, Youth for the SDGs Scholar, Peace Boat US

  • Sailing with the Peace Boat - featuring Emilie McGlone, Director, Peace Boat US

  • Underwater Filming with VRTUL - featuring Casey Sapp, Founder and CEO of VRTUL .

Additionally, AR Artist, Creative Director & Educator Kristin Lucas created this fantastic Augmented Reality filter to help you show your support for the ocean!

Try it now on Instagram & Facebook.

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