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Final pitches! StoriesXFuture XR for Impact Virtual Incubator

24 November 2020

Last week, participants submitted their final pitches to a team of judges and supporters during the final session of the StoriesXFuture XR for Impact Virtual Incubator. Judges shortlisted 10 projects, who were invited to pitch live! Each team received feedback, regardless of their ranking, and mentors were encouraged to share commitments to stay continuously involved in projects to help them truly get off the ground.

We are so grateful to all the mentors and judges who volunteered their time to review the projects, providing valuable written and oral feedback, and making pledges to help the projects move along.

Thank you to all of the participants for sharing your passion and energy to create projects that will generate impact for the #SDGs. We can’t wait to see how these projects evolve. It was an honor to be part of your journey!

The shortlisted projects were as follows:

  • Kvöldvaka - ** winning project ** - A multi-sensory augmented reality documentary inspired by Icelandic folklore, redefining our relationship with nature in an era of climate crisis.

  • A New Chapter - A history making AR app where students can follow individual leaders in a historical event.

  • Apophenia - An immersive spatial audio experience dealing with mental health, women empowerment, and gender inequality told through the tragic tale of Claudia Claudel - a 19th century female artist, genius, who was sequestered in a hospital for the last 30 years of her life.

  • Eat Stories - Traveling and discovering new worlds by including spatial storytelling in food delivery.

  • Planet Lost - Creating emotional connection to a changing planet by immersing users in a multi-user scaled-down virtual planet.

  • PlannAR - is an Augmented Reality citizen engagement tool that empowers residents and urban planners to co-create the future of their neighborhoods, ensuring an efficient, transparent, fun and inclusive process.

  • Listen - LISTEN is a permanent interactive online exhibition about gender violence towards women in Amsterdam.

  • Microbiome Meditation - A guided VR experience into the soil of the earth's microbiome, to visualize microorganisms and experience the interconnectedness of life.

  • Tofts Field - An educational VR game that connects children to nature, teaching them regenerative farming techniques and sustainable food production for the future.

  • Walk With Animals - Walk With Animals is an XR-cise app that connects people to animal migration in embodied, meaningful and personal ways.

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