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"Edible Apartment" wins audience choice award at NYC Media Lab Summit

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

29 October 2019

After "Edible Apartment" won the Stories of the Future NYC creathon series, the team had the chance to present at the Our Future Festival on Governor's Island, and at the NYC Media Lab Summit in Brooklyn.

Featured alongside many new ideas from entrepreneurs and student led projects from across NYC, "Edible Apartment" drew people over to their booth with their magic leap prototype and strawberries. We think this project is just great, and glad to see the Summit participants agreed!

To follow Edible Apartment's journey: @edibleapartment

We had a lot of fun meeting other creators and seeing other uses for XR, including a robot that pets you, AR clue games, and a web VR experience to entertain you while you wait. We were also thrilled to meet Anezka Sabek from the New School, who created a social VR game to learn about oyster reefs!

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