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"Pearls of New York" pre-screened at HarborUp! Gala

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

On 17 September, students, faculty and HarborUp! gala attendees had the chance to preview "Pearls of New York," the first 360 video experience created by Overview Collective in partnership with the Billion Oyster Project as part of their GreenGenXR series.

HarborUp! is the annual fundraising gala to honor and raise money for the NY Harbor School, a public high school located on Governor's Island. This school provides college and career preparatory education to prepare students for sustainable lifestyles that honor the environmental protection of NY Harbor, as well as maritime careers.

The Billion Oyster Project liaises directly with the NY Harbor School, providing students with internship and educational opportunities about ongoing oyster restoration efforts. The BOP relies on the NYHS staff and students to implement its programs, as students engage in growing, monitoring, and researching oysters in its lab, and natural habitat.

The virtual reality station was set up alongside student demonstrations on Pier A, overlooking Governor's Island. Several individuals saw themselves featured in the virtual reality film, and many experienced the technology for the first time.

- "It really feels like you're there!"

- "I wish we could use these in my school."

- "This is a great way to understand the whole process."

The VR experience will be promoted at the Our Future Festival on Governor's Island on 21 September, 2019.

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