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Zero Waste & Eco Friendly Holiday Gift Guide

If you're like us, you're starting to panic that it's already mid-December and you haven't yet started your holiday gift shopping. However, you're torn: how do you show your love to friends and family while also showing your love to the planet and future generations?

We've compiled a gift list of products that we've already gifted, received or are eyeing for this holiday season. Note, these are our opinions, and are not sponsored.

1. Give the gift of an experience

Kris Kringle again with your 5 family many black sweaters and shirts can one possibly receive and discreetly return? This year, think outside the box.

An experience leaves a lasting memory by teaching new skills or creating quality time with loved ones. Think about all those instagram museums your gift recipient has been dying to try, cooking lessons, pole dancing or salsa classes, candle making, the theater, museums. Think of things they could do with their partners, or together with you. Take public transport to lower your carbon footprint.

2. Transitioning to zero waste eating

Many care about the climate, but sometimes they're not sure where to start. Provide a starter kit to help your loved ones go green! Wrap your gift in a reusable shopping bag to eliminate wasteful wrapping paper:

- Reusable water bottle, coffee cups, wine glasses, wine cups

- Bamboo to go utensil set (eliminate plastic utensils)

- metal straw (Find your inner mermaid with Final Straw)

- Grocery and Produce bags (eliminate unnecessary plastic bags at the grocery store)

- Beeswax food wraps, or silicon reusable storage bags (eliminate plastic saran wrap)

- Wool laundry balls (to reduce drying time), laundry microfiber bags (to collect microfibers and prevent them from going into waterways)

- Bento lunchbox, Glass jar or storage container set (save your meals to eliminate food waste)

- Bamboo cooking utensils and dishes

- compost support (green bio bags, kitchen counter bin, or go all out for the vermiculite worm compost bin)

3. Transitioning to zero waste living

Pampering ourselves can also be sustainable. Try some of these upgrades:

- Bamboo toothbrush, and silk floss (there are many options on the market)

- Double edge straight razor

- Reusable make up wipes

- Menstrual cup, Thinx underwear (transform a girl's life by combining these with the Flo app for worry free lunar cycles. Have doubts? We'd be happy to advise - contact us!)

4. Clothes that last with low environmental impact

Underneath it all, we are still naked, hairless creatures that do need certain things to survive. Here are some of my favorite brands:

- Amazing thrift store finds (go find all the goodies people gave away during the Marie Kondo Kraze)

- Put your crochet and knitting skills to use and make some winter accessories

- Fjalraven Re-kanken backpack (it's like the original, but with a ninja badge and is made from polyester from recycled plastic bottles)

- Coalatree evolution hoodie, (made from plastic bottles and coffee grinds - super soft)

- Patagonia (With a slogan that says: "We're in business to save our home planet" - they also commit to donating 1% of their profits every year to support grassroots conservation efforts)

5. Give a gift to the planet by joining the climate movement

Attend climate meet ups to get involved in your community. Fighting against the oil and gas industry is no fun alone, so be sure to bring a friend and guilt them into returning over and over again until you also convert them into the environmental activist that you are. Some ideas: Climate Reality Project's local chapters,, Fridays for Future.

You may also consider donating to a favorite charity in honor of your gift recipient or to organize a volunteer day together.

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